When temperatures drop, boots have their big impact. The comfortable eye-catchers of the season are not only great with autumn outfits, they can also skillfully conceal strong calves. The comfortable boots by tessamino are proof that comfort and style do not conflict. Custom fit and sophisticated details make our shoe fashion for classy fashion statements – wearing comfort included. Read here what is most important in boots for thick calves.

Fashionable boots for thick calves

Image result for bootsLadies with slightly stronger calves often search in vain for the matching pair of boots. The online shop of tessamino has therefore specialized in trendy and comfortable footwear .

So that your new boots fit perfectly for thick calves , here are some shopping tips:

  • When buying, pay attention to functional inserts and lacing elements
  • Place value on quality: High-quality, soft leather adapts to the individual foot shape
  • Choose the right shoe size
  • Shoes for insoles are recommended for foot problems
  • For boots for thick calves we recommend models in width H


Comfortable thanks to stretch insert & functional elastic band

Comfortable boots for thick calves not only convince by their suitability for everyday use and at the same time, simple elegance – they also score with an excellent fit. Stretch inserts, functional rubber straps and lacing contribute to this.

Since your legs swell slightly over the course of a busy day and you should still have it comfortable in your shoes, the boots for thick calves all have at least one of these flexibility guarantors. The lacing can be relaxed and the functional elastic band and the stretch inserts give in anyway independently and help to conceal strong calves .

Because: If strong calves are squeezed into a too tight boot leg, there is an adverse effect: The problem zone is even more obvious and must suffer additional pain due to the resulting tightness. When buying boots for thick calves, be sure to get the comfort you need.

Pretty boots for thick calves: Wellness for the legs

The boots Livigno understand it all the demands that are placed on boots for thicker calves, to unite: provided with a soft lining, the model nestles perfectly to the leg. Since the footbed is also provided with a replaceable heat coating, enjoy yourself with the boots Livigno for hours on the Christmas market and still have well-tempered feet.

The shoe was equipped with both a zipper and with a lacing . Ladies with thick calves are able to use them even more individually and to adapt to the shape of the day to control any swelling of the calves. One of the most important styling tips for customers with luscious calves: Heels! A small shoe heel not only stretches short legs. That’s why the Livigno boot has a heel of 4.0 centimeters in height and, thanks to all these features, is the perfect boot for thicker calves!

Boots Neva with functional elastic band – perfect for thick calves

Image result for bootsThe boot Neva is also made of soft deerskin which adapts individually to your leg shape. This model is also suitable as a boot for thicker calves.

The knee-high shaft comes with a functional elastic band and has a zipper on the inside.

With the comfortable ladies boots in width H, the soft leather skilfully harmonises with the elastic functional elastic band and the practical zipper, so that they adapt to the individual leg shape. Even strong calves are not restricted. Pregnant women, for example, who have to deal with daily changing water retention in the legs, will feel very comfortable in the soft footbed and warm boot of the boot Neva. The model is perfect as boots for thick calves for any winter activities.

Boots Katana with spikes – practical and comfortable

Another boot for thicker calves is the model Katana. Here, a practical lacing on the shaft for individual width adjustment to curvy calves, without narrowing. Due to the width H also thicker calves and even feet with a Hallux Valgus have comfortable place in the shoe. A handy gadget for the winter are also fold-out spikes on the sole of the boots. These secure a firm kick even with ice and snow.

For dry feet in all weathers, the wind and rainproof Tex membrane, which ensures thanks to their high breathability always a pleasant footwear climate. The penetration of cold prevents fluffy warm feeding and the replaceable footbed of the boot is equipped with a cold-resistant insulating layer.

With calves thick calves skillfully concealed

Image result for bootsWhich boots are not only suitable for thick calves, but also look good, depends on their design and styling.

  • Women’s boots with heel ending under the knee have a particularly beneficial effect. Sporty boots like Livigno with a slight heel stretch the leg. They are the perfect boots for thick calves.
  • Strong shiny boots, however, are unfavorable for strong calves. Better access boot models with a matte look.
  • Pants or skirt should never end at the calves! Either the leggings are shorter or reach to the ankles – everything in between makes the legs appear even stronger, meaning an absolute taboo.
  • For tights or leggings, attention should be paid to the right color. Dark models without motifs are an advantage, otherwise the pattern at the level of the calf will stretch many times and ruin the whole look.
  • When buying shoes, look for simple models. Eye-catching cuts or colors draw the eyes to their feet.
  • Your shoes should have a wider heel . Avoid stilettos or kitten heels.