With new shoes, but also with the favorite pairs, which you already own, you can sometimes experience an unpleasant side effect: The shoes squeak. No reason to banish the treads in the back of the shoe cabinet, as there are effective measures to squeaky shoes. Proven home remedies can help, in some cases, a repair to the cobbler makes sense.

Squeaky shoes: tracking the causes

Image result for shoesFirst, find out where the cause of the disturbing noise is. Shoes are based on a complex craft, so that different shoe parts squeak or “creak” can. Often the sole is the culprit – sometimes the heel is not properly attached. For shoes for insoles , the footbed may have too much play or even become wet.

But also shoes that are a bit too tight, can make themselves felt in an unpleasant way. Most often, the noisy phenomenon occurs with new shoes that have not been properly worn. Another reason: The shoes react to moisture . Fortunately, there are good chances of recovery for all “symptoms”!

What to do with squeaky shoes?

Patience and stamina help with new shoes. Running in is a really tried and tested remedy, because specially leather shoes have to get used to your feet. Leather is a natural product that can adapt to the shape of your feet. Insole and footbed should also be adjusted to the anatomy of the foot. Finally, in the case of lace-up shoes, friction between the tongue of the tongue and adjacent leather parts can be the cause of the noise. So put on your shoes and take a walk – preferably several days in a row.

Should be responsible for squeaky shoes sole or heel , a walk to the shoemaker is required. The sole may not be properly glued or the heel may not be properly secured. In both cases, the experienced expert can quickly eliminate the squeaking noises.

Proven home remedies for squeaky shoes

Image result for shoesIf the noise is more likely to be in the shoe interior , you can counteract effectively. Maybe you already have some home remedies available? Take a look in the pantry or in the bathroom! These simple tools can turn your shoes into noiseless favorite shoes:

  • hair spray
  • baking powder
  • bicarbonate of soda
  • Heilerde
  • baby powder

Hairspray can help if the outsole squeaks. Spray on the sole, but please take care with leather shoes that the rest of the shoe does not get anything. Then you should put on the shoes and go a round fast, then the disturbing noise could already be gone. If the cause lies inside, you can take out the insole and thinly sprinkle the interstice with baking soda, soda, healing earth or baby powder . Both baking soda, baking soda and healing clay also have the advantage that they have an odor-absorbing effect and thus prevent sweaty feet .

If your shoes get wet, efficient drying is important. Pad wet shoes with newspaper and do not let them dry on the heater! The leather needs to dry slowly. Then put on the shoes on shoe trees . To ensure that you enjoy your shoes for a long time, regular shoe care , especially with leather shoes, makes perfect sense. Also use a shoe polish that is specially tailored to the natural material leather.