Never again painful feet, never again too tight shoes, never again unpleasant pressure! Optically appealing, soft shoes for sensitive feet we offer in all colors and shapes. Whether you are looking for festive, city-fine or simply comfortable footwear:

Soft shoes: fashionable and comfortable

Image result for running shoes“Who wants to be beautiful must suffer!” This statement had internalized our grandmothers and tormented with aching feet in hard and tight footwear. These times are over thank God : with soft shoes from tessamino you combine fashionable chic with high comfort.

Our comfortable women’s shoes made of soft deerskin in the comfort width H allow trouble-free running , even on sensitive feet. Almost all of our models feature a genuine leather reversible sole, so you can use custom orthopedic insoles as an alternative.

Moccasins, sneakers, ballerinas – soft, gentle, comfortable

Image result for moccasinsThe model Moccasin Marie in many beautiful colors is a classic moccasins: Its exceptional softness, the model receives mainly through its super soft upper, which consists of genuine deerskin. A reinforced heel, an invisible functional elastic band, and a sturdy plastic sole with a low heel height of 3.0 centimeters provide non-slip support to sensitive feet without restricting them.

Moccasins are among the oldest types of shoes par excellence: the soft shoe of the North American Indians is reinterpreted time and time again – for decades it has been one of the classic shoes and is not missing in any of the Spring and Summer collections at any Fashion Week.

The lace-up Larissa is a super comfortable all-rounder for every situation. The extremely flexible deerskin also impresses with its breathtaking softness. A reinforced heel , a heel height of 3.0 centimeters and a durable plastic sole ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

The ballerina Juliane is the Natural Feet Bestseller par excellence. The classic cut model charms every foot with its unique fit. Three individually adjustable Velcro straps and the comfort width H let you easily adapt the ballerina to every foot. The upper made of genuine deerskin also contributes to the extraordinary softness of this shoe. Just slip in and feel good right away.

Modern comfort shoes – soft deerskin and fresh colors

The suppleness of our shoes is due to the soft deerskin . The smooth genuine leather is cuddly and comparatively light, so that pressure points on the feet are avoided. Soft deerskin shoes offer walking comfort from the very first steps – the phase of running in, which in the worst case does not lead to the desired wearing comfort with “bad purchases”, is eliminated. The softness and lightness make the noble deerskin with the striking surface structure so special.

Wohlge (h) feel for small and large “problem feet”

Today, when buying a shoe, the much healthier motto “Fits well – is good!” stand in the foreground. Shoes in the width H made of soft deerskin with joint-friendly heel height have proven themselves in many complaints in the area of ​​feet, knees and back, for example

  • for the prevention of foot deformities
  • with tendency to pressure points (“corns”) and blistering
  • in misalignments such as lowering, spreading or flat feet
  • with already pronounced deformations such as hallux valgus or hammer toes

The constant development of foot-friendly fits on the basis of decades of experience in the processing of cuddly deerskin is a particular concern of the shoe modelers.