Image result for shoelace knotIf the laces open constantly while walking, you can throw even the most beautiful and comfortable shoes only unnerved in the corner. Of course, that does not have to be! One should only know how laces are best knotted, so that they definitely do not open in the most inopportune moments and lead to painful experiences.

Hard to believe, but when knotting shoelaces, things can go wrong. Some make it a science like Ian Fieggan, who has been analyzing the perfect shoe loops for 35 years now. Based on his analysis, he has developed the perfect knot, the Ian knot. Not only does it look dapper, it is also gentle on the material and, with a little practice, is much faster to tie than the everyday old-woman knot.

Why do laces knit?

Image result for shoelace knotThis is partly due to the material. Shoelaces with high synthetic content tend not to be really tight due to the very fine fibers, which makes the knots open quickly when loaded. Cotton laces have a grippier surface that keeps the knot together. But on the other hand, the reason why the knot dissolves is the technology. Because most knots get their shoes wrong without realizing it!

Little knot customer – the perfect knot for shoes

Which knots are used on shoes?

The old woman’s knot:

The most common knot that is made, but completely unknowingly. Because the Altweibern knot is confused with the cross knot, easy to recognize the asymmetrical loops and that it dissolves despite lashing after a short time.

The cross knot:

The standard knot, if you tie the shoes properly. Reliable holds this knot together and does not break under load.

The perfect knot – the Ian knot:

As already mentioned invented by Ian Fieggan. With a little practice, this knot is easy to learn and is perfect for sports shoes, casual shoes and any loafers with a lacing.