Salt marks and water marks on shoes look ugly and attack the material – especially that of leather shoes. We can help you with a few simple home remedies to remove the salt stains and protect your shoes to avoid such problems in the future.

The endurance test for every shoe – road salt

Image result for shoe careEspecially in winter, leather shoes are exposed to strong influences: rain, snow, dirt and road salt are wasted on the material. Whether real leather, suede or artificial leather, each material must be treated differently in salt spots. In order to protect your shoes optimally against salt spots in winter, it is helpful to impregnate them before wearing them . This makes the shoe more resistant to salt and moisture and makes cleaning easier.

The road salt, which is used against snow and smoothness, is an aggressive agent that attacks and damages materials such as our soft deerskin . But with the use of some funds available in every household, you can remove the unspeakable salt edges and make your shoes afloat.

Natural detergents against salt spots

A look into the storage cabinet is enough – even without expensive cleaning agents, you can free your comfortable ladies’ shoes made of genuine leather from salt edges – effectively and environmentally friendly at the same time!

  1. Milk: Simply soak a soft cloth in milk and rub the salt stains with it. If there is no milk in the house, condensed milk will help as well. Since the fat content is even higher, the effect is even more evident.
  2. Cold coffee: Instead of milk, you can also use cold coffee – simply soak the cloth with a little coffee and wipe off the edges of the salt.
  3. Onions, lemons or banana peels: For stubborn dirt, you can also cut an onion or a lemon in half and rub the salt stains with it. After a short time, you can then brush your shoes as normal. Even with the shell of a banana you can do something useful. They rub the salt stains and let the shoes dry and then clean them.
  4. liquid detergent: Pour some of a commercial detergent onto the soiled area. Gently rub in and then wash off with a little warm water.

It is important for all tips to thoroughly clean the shoes again after the treatment. Only then should they be cared for with shoe polish and impregnation spray, so that dirt and salt stains have no chance in the future!

By the way: These home remedies can also be used against salt marks on winter coats and gloves. Thus, clothes and shoes are again nice to look at winter weather.

Salt marks on artificial leather shoes are much easier to remove. With a wet cloth, the salt edges are easily wiped away. Dried and creamed, winter can come!

Help for suede and suede shoes

Image result for shoe careSalt edges on the beloved suede boots or even water marks are particularly annoying, but there are also some practical remedies!

  1. Leather eraser: Salt marks on rough leather can be easily removed. Just like handling a regular eraser and erasing the stain. The shoe should stay dry. Does not help, the shoe must be washed to remove the salt margins completely! Important: before you use these agents over a large area, you should test their effect in an inconspicuous place.
  2. Leather Shoe Detergent: First you should dilute the detergent with water, usually in a ratio of 1: 1. Then you can brush it on the salt spots and brush off the shoe. Many detergents are suitable for both leather and suede shoes. After washing, the shoes are filled with newspaper and dried. The suede must be roughened afterwards with a brush to restore the natural look.
  3. Leather mineral spirits : You should also dilute the gasoline before carefully applying it to the edges of the salt. Since the leather is degreased by the gasoline, you should treat the shoe after the treatment (and a drying phase) with shoe polish and re-impregnate.

In case of thaw, mud and rain, water spots can also occur on unprotected shoes. Against water stains also help the above home remedies such as onions, milk and lemons. Even with a sliced ​​potato and vinegar water, water stains can be removed well.

With little effort your shoes will come through the winter and you will keep warm feet in cold weather!