Our feet are usually hidden in shoes for a large part of the day and are under permanent strain. The wrong footwear, worn in the long run, can cause lasting damage to the feet. For the health of the feet, modern health shoes are therefore the best choice. Fashionable comfort shoes combine foot health with fashion awareness.

What makes shoes healthy shoes?

Image result for lady shoesAnyone who has ever worn bespoke shoes knows what the difference between the models of shoe discount and hand-made shoes can be. At tessamino we offer you comfortable shoes that will fit you like a glove thanks to the finest deerskin. So you get the benefits of custom-made shoes at an attractive price. But there are even more points that make up a healthy shoe:

  1. High-quality materials for indoor and outdoor use
  2. Processing of genuine leather
  3. Very well processed heel food
  4. Foot-friendly insole

Leather is one of the most important foundations for a healthy shoe . The natural material adapts to the foot shape, is breathable and offers a long durability. Leather shoes are no longer available only in dark tones. Again, you can choose from a variety of different designs.

Another sign of healthy shoes is the use of natural materials such as latex, coconut fiber or cork. Just like leather, these materials ensure a good climate balance in the shoe . Both in cold and in heat, the foot is well protected, without moisture in the shoe collects.

The benefits of healthy shoes for body and soul

If you wear a really good shoe, it will not just affect your foot and your entire body. Your soul can also benefit if you have a good feeling while running. Fashionable health shoes or special healthy shoes for long standing are perfectly tailored to your needs and bring many benefits:

  • The popular barefoot feeling
  • Feet without pressure points
  • Running without pain
  • No deformation of the feet
  • No blistering or abrasions

Who should use healthy shoes?

This question can be answered briefly and concisely: Everyone! Of course, there are groups of people where a healthy shoe is especially important . If you are on your feet all day, have to stand or walk a lot, then healthy feet are based on the right shoe. Healthy shoes for long standing are also available in different versions. Around 80% of the population have foot disorders, as recent studies report.

Often, shoe corrections are enough to alleviate these ailments. In addition, in the field of podiatry is known that sensorimotor deposits also have a positive effect on well-being and can strengthen the foot muscles. Shoes for insoles also support the goal of having healthy feet as long as possible.

Healthy shoes promote the entire well-being

Lasting wearing high heels provides many eye-catching moments, but it is not only harmful to the feet but also to the overall physical condition. The balance of the body gets out of balance – body statics is the magic word. From a physiological point of view, the healthy shoe should :

  1. improve the gait pattern
  2. relieve the joints
  3. strengthen the muscles

Comfortable shoes promote the correct posture of the spine and protect the joints , especially the knees and hips.

And healthy shoes promote our active musculoskeletal system : when running, the foot movement falls easier when the muscles are specifically strengthened by healthy shoes. Conversely, comfortable shoes help to avoid tension in the neck or headache.

Healthy shoes are the fitness trainers for our everyday well-being – and for our feet podiatry and foot care in one.

More space, please! Comfortable shoes in the check

What should comfort shoes look like that are good for our health? Comfortable women’s shoes in width H provide a perfect example of healthy shoes. The wide shoe is adapted to the shape of the forefoot and leaves room for the toes.

Shoe-shaped shoes, on the other hand, change the natural direction of the toes. Possible consequences are:

  • redness
  • corns
  • Claw or hammer toes
  • Hallux valgus

For toe deformations women’s shoes width H are the first choice: In addition to the pain relief healthy shoes with a flexible sole and orthopedic shaped footbeds provide an overall improved ride. Shoes with removable footbeds also have the advantage that the included footbed can easily be exchanged for your own insoles .

Most importantly, because each foot is shaped differently, stretch panels or soft uppers such as buckskin for the right fit will be most welcome.