As soon as the first rays of sunshine break in the spring, women set off barefoot in shoes. The absence of stockings is associated with an extraordinary sense of freedom, ensures a healthy foot climate and puts the summery shoes perfectly in scene.

Barefoot through life – vitalizing and chic

Image result for shoesWhen socks disappear in the drawer, decides individually. While one lady quickly gets cold feet, other women tend to hot sole. Quintessence: You start the barefoot season as soon as it feels comfortable. Do not use it altogether, but you should not.

It is a blessing for the feet if they are caressed by fresh air and are not limited by any side. By the way, the direct contact with the soil has a stimulating effect. For this realization, a thought of foot reflexology massages and currently hip 5-finger shoes or barefoot shoes is sufficient. These minimalist running shoes limit themselves to protecting the sole of the foot from injury and are recommended by experts for training.

Sandal, ballerina and co – only with a bare foot is a shoe out of it

If you love the airy experience, you also want to be barefoot in your shoes . Especially on warm days, it is wonderful to do without any superfluous garment. That the sock is first affected by textile freedom seems logical. Nevertheless, some women are skeptical and grab the sheer silk stocking or footlet. Summer shoes like comfortable ballerinas lose their fascination, but of course the individual feel-good factor is a factor here. In fact, a few strategies are needed to enjoy the barefoot season.

Soft deerskin and health shoes for barefoot fans

Image result for shoesThe key to happiness is the right comfort shoes . It is important that the summer couples do not push anywhere and cling to the foot with their soft texture. In addition, the shoe must sit well, so it does not come to the active lifestyle to abrasions or blisters. On top of that, sweaty feet are pre-programmed with synthetic materials when you master the everyday challenges barefoot in your favorite shoes. Already, the focus is on soft deerskin , which is considered to be particularly breathable and adapts optimally to the individual foot shape.

Avoid unpleasant odors with home remedies, accessories and wellness

Anyone who wears shoes barefoot and is out and about, fears incisive odors. If it actually comes to the aromatic nightmare that leads many men to ominous sandal sock combination , these home remedies continue to help:

  • Stuff shoes with newspaper
  • Intense ventilation in a dry place outdoors
  • Distribute cinnamon sticks or baking powder inside
  • Shoes overnight in the freezer and then dry

Clever women do not let it get that far and bend over. Sweat is odorless in itself and becomes unpleasant only in combination with bacteria. Give the shoe a break after wearing, so that the moisture can escape completely. If you tend to perspire, cedar insoles will help.

In addition, the feet have regularly earned a wellness program. It’s best to start with a revitalizing foot bath and gently exfoliate before completing it with a suitable cream and soothing massage. Keep your feet in balance and make you feel new.