Too high, too tight, too hard. Few people would suspect their shoes as the cause of complaints, but wonder if the back hurts. Those who already suffer from back pain can benefit from switching to comfortable shoes. Find out what health shoes make and venture a critical look into your shoe cabinet.

Back pain – the wrong shoe is to blame

Image result for lady shoesSad but true: 80% of Germans suffer from back pain . Many seek help in a new mattress or targeted back training. Only a few think of their backs with back pain. They carry us daily through the world – often under difficult conditions: In shoes without footbed, high heel and made of solid material, which does not adapt to the individual foot shape and can hardly provide a pleasant climate.

The wrong shoe and the health risk

According to studies by Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) eV, 75% of Germans wear the wrong shoes . Especially women prefer the chic pair of high heels and squeeze into tight instead of comfortable shoes . False shoes can interfere with the complex interaction of the muscles from the feet up to the back and thus the natural movement.

Any artificial position of the feet , such as those caused by high heels, must balance the spine. The calves are constantly tense, the body has to constantly balance, the feet can not roll naturally. Too tight shoes, on the other hand, disturb the blood circulation in the foot . But too big shoes can be dangerous, because the risk of buckling increases. The wrong shoe often has painful consequences : from sharp sciatic pain to severe and chronic back pain.

Comfortable shoes – the better barefoot

Image result for lady shoesMany back victims believe they just have to run barefoot to compensate. This is a step in the right direction, but not sufficiently practicable in everyday life. A comfortable shoe is needed, but what should it look like?

Semicircular soles have been trendy for a while. So-called roll-off shoes may not look good, but they should be good for the back, even reduce back pain. However, studies showed that the desired success of the curved soles did not occur. In case of back pain due to false shoes, other criteria than artificially optimized unrolling are important.

Since every foot is individually different, off-the-peg shoes rarely meet the barefoot feeling . For example, only half of adults need a normal shoe width. 45% need a width H and only 5% need slim cut shoes.

That distinguishes good comfortable shoes

  • soft material (eg deerskin)
  • anatomical footbed
  • comfortable and adapted width (eg shoes in width H)
  • maximum heel height: 4 cm

Healthy shoes promote the development of the deep muscles and contribute to the stabilization of your musculoskeletal system . Better not risk your naturally healthy posture and your health. Experts advise to prevent this, which saves doctors aches and pains. For your next shoe purchase, put on comfortable shoes in width H – your back will thank you.