Loan repayment: how much, when, how and where

What does repayment mean? The client who received the loan is obliged to repay it properly and on time. This means sending the correct amount on a regular basis in the right way on time. The specific term, amount and method of repayment are described in the consumer credit agreement and in the repayment schedule. […]

Do I lose the good payer bonus on a mortgage debt purchase?

Have you thought about buying a mortgage debt, corresponding to a home whose mortgage has the benefit of the good payer bonus? Then you should look at this article, where we reveal what happens in that case with this bonus. What is the good payer bonus? The bonus of the good payer is a non-refundable […]

What is the mortgage lift?

After much effort, the time comes when you have completely canceled your mortgage loan. Now you can fully exercise the right of ownership over the released property, after lifting the mortgage. In this article we indicate what is the procedure you should follow in that case. What is called mortgage lifting? The lifting of the […]

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